About us

We build tech and products for better advertising.


We have one mission. Build a profitable and sustainable advertising ecosystem for publishers, advertiser, agencies and users.

We are advertising and ad technology veterans worried about the development of the advertising ecosystem.

More complex year after year, with more 3rd parties solving problems created by the previous ones. At C WIRE we are convinced that by partnering with high-quality publishers and owning a great tech stack, we can build a superior advertising products benefiting all market participants.

Advisory board

Advisory board with the following advisors:
- Thomas Spiegel

Plan to grow the team to 12 people by end of 2021

Seed fundraising

Founding C WIRE AG

Integration with 20min and Ringier Advertising websites

Run first campaigns with 12 clients

Grow the team to 6 people


Build and test a proof-of-concept for UBS Nobel Perspectives and Women in Economics.


We’re dedicated to building a tech savvy team

Rui de Freitas

CEO & Co-Founder

Yannick Koechlin

CTO & Co-Founder

Chris Morgan

CCO & Co-Founder

Dragan Bajcic

Lead Front-end Engineer

Svetislav Ćirić

Lead Back End Engineer

Milos Matijasevic

Full-stack engineer

Our advisors

Thomas Spiegel

10+ years for agencies and publishers ex-Google, ex-Dentsu, ex-Ringier

Our offices