How it works?

Your video will be delivered alongside your brand's name, a title and a description to catch user's attention from the 1st second and make sure he knows what to expect in your video. To drive interaction and traffic to your website, there is also a clear call-to-action that you can customise to best fit what your landing page is about.

The video starts playing automatically as soon as it is viewable on the user's screen with sound off. As soon as 50% of the video is not on the screen, the video pauses and we will only charge you for a view whenever at least 3 seconds of the video has been played. See our Pay-per-view feature for more details.

The format is particularly designed to best integrate each website natively in order to drive engagement on long-form videos and achieve high completion rates.

Here is an example of the video format:


  • Guaranteed viewability
  • Natively integrated on the websites
  • Clear call-to-action