We have products to place your brand in the spotlight.

We have developed a variety of ad formats to best reach your objectives not matter which assets you have at your disposal.

Sponsored video

Sponsored video is our most engaging format combining a video together with a title, a description and a call-to-action.

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Post Push

Post Push is our native format. It is built out of an image, a title, a description and a call-to-action with the option of having your logo overlaying the image.

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Outstream video

Outstream video is a pure video format that does not require any text. This format allows you to use any video material that you have prepared for other ad channels, including TV spots.

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Podcast Push

The new solution to boost your podcasts. This product enables you to drive traffic to a landing page, grow subscribers or downloads on podcast platforms.

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350 million
ad requests per month
publishing websites
+ 15%
improved bounce rate compared to other paid channels
improved completion rate on videos
+ 40%
improved click-rate compared to other formats on similar placements